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Gaming for Good

Updated: May 29

So what’s this KATOA thing all about, anyway?

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Most of us are so bombarded by everyday life that the idea of being able to confront a challenge as monumental as cleaning up the ocean or reversing climate change feels ludicrous. We are so small next to the ocean and its tons of plastic pollution, and the daily stream of dire news about melting glaciers and record heatwaves makes any effort to fight the changing climate feel like too little, too late.

Here’s the thing, though: It’s not.

We have real solutions, right now in 2023, to save this planet. Last year, the Sustainable Ocean Alliance funded projects that removed or prevented 1,143 metric tons of carbon dioxide from the earth’s atmosphere. Saving Penguins has built more than 1,000 nests to bring a species of African penguin back from the bring of climate-fueled extinction. is planting tens of millions of trees with The Canopy Project. Great Barrier Reef Foundation is restoring the world’s largest seagrass ecosystem.

These projects are having a real impact, right now, and represent just a fraction of the work being done to save our planet. But most people don’t feel connected to those projects; they’re too far away to participate or lack the funds to make what they feel is a meaningful contribution to the goal.

That’s where KATOA and the Gaming for Good movement come in.

KATOA is a game where just by playing — by having fun — you are funding projects (like those above) that are having a positive impact on our planet. In other words, we are breaking down the barrier between the projects that are saving our planet and the people who genuinely want to help those projects succeed (AKA the vast majority of humanity).

Why a mobile game? Because games are fun. Because gamers as a group are one of the fastest growing segments of our population. And because games are a great way to teach our kids about the earth and our responsibility to preserve it.

If we sound optimistic, it’s because we are! Do we think KATOA alone will save the planet? No. But we DO think it’ll become a key part of the strategy that will: Making saving the planet feel personal, engaging, and fun.

Play the game. Save the world.
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