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Sponsored by Unity

Sankari Studios is a proud recipient of a 2021 Impact Grant from the Unity Charitable Fund.  Unity’s support helped fund our mission to save the world from climate change, through the development of our first mobile game, KATOA. This support is critical to reaching anyone with a smartphone to have a real-world impact on the health of the planet. Together, we’ll make the world a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable place for all.

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The Unity Charitable Fund

CREATIVITY CAN CHANGE THE WORLD | Unity's technology and grant programs empower creators of all kinds to imagine a more sustainable and inclusive future.

FROM UNITY | We believe the world is a better place with more creators in it - and creativity can and should come from anyone, anywhere. Unity supports Social Impact visionaries driving change, facilitates education programs for the next generation of real-time 3D creators, and collaborates internally and externally to protect our planet.

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