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Every mobile game has a story about its educational benefits. The instructive potential of gaming has been undervalued and overstated since the first gamer booted the first Magnavox Odyssey. So we understand when we talk about education and KATOA, we're met with skepticism. It's a game about a little sea turtle trying to find some seagrass.

So we have to look back.


Most progressive educational modalities have roots in crisis. Post-World War II Europe, as it recovered from a devastating global cataclysm, became a world-wide catalyst for education reform. The goal was a generation of citizens driven by empathy, community-building, and mobilized for change, that no war, no crisis of such scale and destruction would ever be repeated. Their meta-goal was a systemic global revolution of peace.

Ours is a revolution of planetary existence.



 Research shows people know time is out for the unprecedented realities of climate change. They are desperate for solutions. Sankari Studios will be the first gaming company to fully ignite a modern, educated citizenry, empowered by one of the most universal, democratic and powerful platforms in human history. The answers to our crisis are in the hands of every smart phone owner, worldwide. They just need to play.

Players learn how to grow, nurture and restore habitats, and to support and defend living creatures. Engagement with the game lead to increased awareness of environmental issues. Achievements in the game result in real-world acts of preservation. An emotional connection between player and issues through story, character, and solutions, transforms personal behaviors, voting habits, and loyalties. Play the game, save the world.


Learning-based activism is the future. The KATOA model stands to revolutionize the success of global equity, social, economic, environmental, and philanthropic causes. It's no overstatement to compare this relentless potential with that of the printing press. Or the lightbulb. Or penicillin. Anything that changes the world, changes it forever.

Who would have thought a little sea turtle could do so much?

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