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Global Effort. Global Impact.

The Sustainable Ocean Alliance is the world’s largest network of young ocean leaders. SOA activates young people, develops and implements solutions, and mobilizes a global ocean workforce to restore the health of the ocean in our lifetime.

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We Have the Mic

Katoans are raising $1 million USD in support of SOA’s demand for global policies to stop deep-seabed mining. The practice presents an unjustified threat to the health of our ocean, under the guise of fueling the green energy revolution.  They are calling on world leaders to protect biodiverse and fragile ecosystems from deep-seabed mining, that it will result in severe environmental impacts that cannot be predicted or mitigated.

Proof of Success

These young ocean leaders have a track record of success. When Salesforce Chair and Co-CEO Marc Benioff challenged SOA to accelerate 100 solutions by 2021, they more than doubled (DOUBLED!) that goal: they have accelerated 222 startups, nonprofits, and grassroots initiatives worldwide.

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Take a deep dive for more inspiring stories at the link below!

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