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A Species on the Brink

Not all penguins live in snow and ice—African penguins live in cold currents along the coast of South Africa. An integral part of the ecological web in Africa, today, the iconic species is endangered. Climate change has destroyed nesting sites, while egg poaching, overfishing, pollution, and guano stripping have had catastrophic impact on the population.

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We Have the Solution

Saving Penguins has developed an ingenious artificial nest suitable for African penguins to lay their eggs and raise their chicks. Because a wrong design choice could hurt the penguins rather than help, Saving Penguins has put in extensive research, down to how the nest maintains temperature and humidity, to ensure maximum survivability.

The Time to Act is Now

KATOANS are raising $1 million USD to build and deploy 20,000 man-made nests to save critically endangered African Penguin colonies, whose numbers are less than 1% than that of the last century. These precise nesting environments are painstakingly designed and tested to make sure they meet every need for successful incubation of eggs and rearing of chicks. Each nest is anticipated to support as many as 30 nesting events, with the potential to restore the species population to over 600,000 in just 12 to 15 years!

Here's a breakdown of how KATOA funds will be spent:

$330,000+ to cover costs to rescue and rehabilitate penguins, over five years.

$250,000 to manufacture, transport, install and monitor 2,000 nests.

$200,000+ to employ Seabird Rangers to protect colonies for five years.

$150,000 to purchase patrol boats for colony protection and research.

$67,000 to restore habitat on Dyer Island and Stony Point.

Read more about the penguins and the success of manmade nests here at the link below.

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