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Sankari Studios is a Public Benefit Corporation



"To engage, educate and inspire people to improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of our planet through pro-social gaming, community building, sustainable e-commerce and charitable giving.”


We are building a self-sustaining company based on 21st Century economics: Our focus is a Return on Humanity (ROH).  Our platforms enable access to knowledge and personal impact, which is the basis to an equitable and sustainable future.  


The Sankari Universe is about immersive, entertaining, and collaborative game spaces that facilitate learning, communication, and make it easy for players to connect, share and mobilize to help solve our planet’s problems.  We are laser-focused on creating virtual content that allows for transformative impact in the real world and brings together the global community.

Our focus with everything we create is to develop technologies and platforms that are inclusive, accessible and inspiring to people across all languages, continents, and cultures.

Grants and donations can be made to either the Sankari Programs Fund 501c3 or the Sankari Foundation.




Sankari can receive direct grants into its Sankari Programs Fund 501c3 to develop and distribute educational game and streaming content, focused on climate literacy, impact and climate equity.

Seeking  $3 million for 2023




100% of the grants and philanthropic capital given to the Sankari Foundation will support vetted conservation efforts around the world that are featured in the game.  The Magnifier Effect:  Millions of players seeing your good work.

Seeking $4 million for Oceans in 2023


Please contact Rex using the button below for all philanthropic funding opportunities. 

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