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REal Impact

KATOANS Raise $50,000 to support EARTHDAY.ORG 

To celebrate the launch of KATOA, the team at Sankari Studios issued a special challenge: if the total Guardian Level of all players reached one million by May 21, we would donate $50,000 to EARTHDAY.ORG to help fund their vital programs.


KATOANS met that challenge.

In the first 30 days of launch, our players beat back the Blight polluting the ocean, planted thousands of new flora, and attracted new sea friends to their haven. Each of these actions increased their Guardian Level in-game. A couple days before the May 21 deadline, the total Guardian Level of all players hit one million

Sankari is happy to announce that we are making that $50,000 donation to Earth Day, on behalf of KATOA players worldwide. Thank you to everyone who played hard to help make this happen!

What's Next?

The fight to save the world is ongoing. Now that we know KATOANS can rise to a challenge (was there ever any doubt?), we're working on a series of smaller challenges to benefit a variety of organizations who are working hard to combat climate change and save our planet.

More information about those challenges is coming soon.

In the meantime remember that just by playing KATOA, you're raising money to help fund the good work our partners are doing. Fight on, KATOANS. Play the Game. Save the World.

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